This article was published on 28 July 2015.

65 Berry Street North Sydney Secures 2 Whole Floor Tenants – Final 2 floors Leased

As the North Sydney leasing market continues to gain momentum Cadigal has secured tenants for the last two floors in two separate leasing transactions securing Blackbaud and Independent Purchasing Company. Both floors provided significant appeal given the large balcony areas attached and the quality of the refurbishment. Building owner Charter Hall have invested well in the building including a full lift replacement that included an upgrade to part of the lobby. In addition they have invested heavily in end of trip facilities providing 6 additional male and female shower facilities and a large secure bike room. All these improvements have allowed Charter Hall to grow their rents and reduce downtime. We have only 1 small suite remaining in the building that has good interest and once leased the building will be fully occupied until 2019.